Delete media files from telegram on mac OS

MacOS Telegram app does not have the ability to delete the cached media files just by using a click. And also users don’t know that these files are in deep layers and usually don’t notice to them and face to the low hard disk capacity in MacOS.

  • First close your Telegram app then

Delete Telegram media files:

I: Manually:




  • open Finder by ⌘+shift+G and then search ~/Library/Group Containers and press return (enter) to see the screen below.
  • Then find the directory *.keepcoder.Telegram and enter it.
  • Then find the director of account-* which * is a unique id of the installed telegram app. Then enter it.

You will see

Go enter postbox directory. You will see media directory.

Go inside media directory. You will see all media files there besides cache and short cache directory.

Now you can delete all the media files, movies and images and also those file cached inside cache directory as well.

II: By a command:

In case the size of the media directory is not so much, it does not need any force (-f flag)

and delete files inside cache directory

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