Install LaTeX on mac OS using Sublime Text 3 MacTex LaTeXTools Skim

⌘(Command) + Shift + P
  1. Press ⌘(Command) + Shift + P
  2. Search “Package Control: Install Package”
  3. Press Enter
  4. Search “LaTeXTools”
  5. Press Enter when you find the option to install it
  1. Open Skim
  2. Select “Skim” then “Preferences” from the menu
  3. Select “Sync”
  4. Select “Check for file changes”
  5. Select “Reload automatically”
  6. Select “Sublime Text” from the “Preset” menu
brew install imagemagick
⌘(Command) + Shift + B
⌘(Command) + N
  1. Then press
⌘(Command) + Shift + P
⌘(Command) + B
  1. Select “Sublime Text” from the “Open with” menu
  2. Select “Change all”
  3. Close window

Posting about Python and Laravel

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Posting about Python and Laravel

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