Laravel Base table or view not found: 1146 Table

‘table’ doesn’t exist (SQL: select * from `permissions`)

You may encounter such error after doing

php artisan migrate

If your error is not related to the issue of

Laravel can’t determine the plural form of the word you used for your table name.

with this solution

and still have this error, try my approach. you should find the problem in the default “AppServiceProvider.php” or other ServiceProviders defined for that application specifically or even in Kernel.php in App\Console

This error happened for me and I solved it temporary and still couldn’t find the exact description.

In my case the main problem for causing my table unable to migrate, is that I have running code/query on my “PermissionsServiceProvider.php” in the boot() method.

In the same way, maybe, you defined something in boot() method of AppServiceProvider.php or in the Kernel.php

So first check your Serviceproviders and disable code for a while, and run

php artisan migrate 

and then undo changes in your code.

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