Laravel Semantic Versioning Meaning

Laravel recent major changes #1, composer update laravel

In order to upgrade Laravel framework you should consider some facts, I will wrap them in a series.

Laravel recent major changes #1:

When referencing the Laravel framework or its components from your application or package, you should always use a version constraint such as ^6.0, to avoid upgrading to major releases of Laravel which do include breaking changes.

It means if you open composer.json file, you see something like this:

Focus to this line:

"laravel/framework": "^6.0",

note: I create this project some months ago.

Now I do upgrading Laravel framework by composer update command :

composer update laravel/framework

It will upgrade the laravel framework to the recent non-breaking version lower than Laravel 7.0 because of the caret ^ sign you see in the composer.json file.

Upgrading laravel process happens as below:

While after this upgrade I see the composer.json file is still untouched.

Let’s check the new installed Laravel version by artisan command:

php artisan --versionAt this moment I see:Laravel Framework 6.4.1

I recommend always run this command:

composer diagnose

Learn more here.

Totally when we say:


It means the minimum accepted version is 9.1.3 and lock on the 9 (the first digit) and then let the composer to increase the other following digits.

Posting daily about Python, Nuclear Physicist PhD

Posting daily about Python, Nuclear Physicist PhD