Laravel session flash message include html tag link href blade view

In Laravel you may want to insert html tags like a or strong into the flash message and deliver it to the session as a notification.

Suppose the message you want to show is:

$msg = 'It is done, click here to see the result';

and want to let “click here” accept a link (to the user profile).

Also I suppose you have a route like:

Route::get('user/profile', 'UsersController@show')

It is clear that we should change the message above to include HTML a tag like:

$msg = 'It is done, <a href="'. route('user.profile') . '"> click here  </a>  to see the result';


$msg = 'It is done, <a href="'. url('/user/profile') . '"> click here  </a>  to see the result';

and then in the controller return user to the page you want like“ /home” and deliver the message:

return redirect('/home')->withSuccess($msg);

In the blade file you have to check if the session has the tagged message you want. In our case the message has the success status because of withSuccess($msg). So you should put this in Laravel blade view file:

@if (session()->has('success'))
<div class="alert alert-success">
{!! session()->get('success')!!}

Important note 1:

If the message you deliver has html tag you should use:

unescaped variable which is:

{!! session()->get('success')!!}

and NOT escaped variable:

{{ session()->get('success')}}

It means, Where you display the message, use raw tags {!! !!} around the message instead of {{ }} otherwise the link will not be shown properly!

Important note 2:

The benefits of using HTML-encoding {!! !!} ( unescaped variable) is more important whenever you have & in url or the link which blade will auto convert & into &amp;

Important note 3:

Read the security issue here link. It says:

Be very careful when echoing content that is supplied by users of your application. Always use the escaped, double curly brace syntax to prevent XSS attacks when displaying user supplied data.

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