Loom is an alternative

Loom Pro is Free for Teachers

I see some professors are concerned about those students who don’t have access to internet and are missing online classes.

Via this post I want to share with you an experience you may be familiar with. As you know well, Zoom and google-meet are very good tools for on-line meetings and we can record the sessions but they are not so flexible for recording an off-line class.

With Loom, professors can record the videos easily at anytime they want and then share it with their students. It also has pen tool, ability to remove part of the video and many other options that helps us. With Loom you can publish videos publicly or privately.

The app is here: https://www.loom.com/

Loom Pro is free for for Students and Teachers. Click here : Link

Also it would be a good solution for those professors who want to record the lessons and ask their students to review the recorded-lesson before each class and spend the time of each meeting just for discussion and questions and answer.

Also you can use Autodesk SketchBook for drawing when recording by Zoom besides the Loom.

Tutorials to use Loom easily:

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