Medium : You read a lot. We like that

Today I faced this notice on the Medium screen, after reading a lot of programming tutorials in this month in Medium.

You read a lot. We like that !

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It was shocking!

Although I agree that each company should find a way to raise money and have some premium plans for the users besides the free packages, in my point of view according to my knowledge about the modern methods of defining the business models, this business model has some problems and is not perfect.

Medium is Worldwide and exchange rate of Dollar to other currencies is almost high. $5 / month is not so high in United State but they should consider the others exchange rates. As an example considers this exchange rate very well and charges each user based on his country’s currency.

Also I was expected I get a prize for I read a lot and you like it!, instead of charging me $5 per month! The current statement to encourage me to be a premium user is not working! There are some other technical reasons for rejecting this kind of business model. Totally, I say this is not a perfect business model for Medium.

Thank you for reading!

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