Merge a Laravel Request on the fly

How to change or add a new value to a Laravel request parameter

The solution is in Part B.

Part A: ( Introduction )

Let’s first see how merge() helper function works in Laravel:

$collection = collect(['product_id' => 1, 'price' => 100]);
$merged = $collection->merge(['price' => 200, 'discount' => false]);

// ['product_id' => 1, 'price' => 200, 'discount' => false]
$collection = collect(['Desk', 'Chair']);

$merged = $collection->merge(['Bookcase', 'Door']);


// ['Desk', 'Chair', 'Bookcase', 'Door']

Part B:

B-I: What we are merging is a simple value.
$fileName = “IMAGE_1”


In the case of adding and not updating, just need to follow B-I.


If 'user' key and its value (that is an array $arrayOfUserData) is in$request->all()and we want to modify that array $arrayOfUserData, first, we have to modify the array somewhere and then merge the modified array with the current request.

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