New Installation of Laravel Telescope fails

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As you see I had a problem in installation Laravel Telescope in Laravel Framework 6.4.1

So I did:

php artisan cache:clear
php artisan config:clear

I started again from “composer require …” and I understood I couldn’t run again:

composer require laravel/telescope

Just because of another new error:

I found the only change after the last installation command (I mean this):

php artisan telescope:install

was this new line in config/app.php file:


That causes the error and it seems the installation was not complete and only that line was added!

So I commented that line in config/app.php file and

php artisan cache:clearphp artisan config:clear

again ran :

php artisan telescope:install

It was successful!

I also was surprised that this line:


was not added again after the second try of installation command.

So I manually uncommented that line in config/app.php

and then

php artisan cache:clearphp artisan config:clear

and follow the official document for additional configs.

Now everything is fine and works well!

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