Remove uninstall Sublime Text 3 completely in mac OS Linux Windows

Revert Sublime Text 3 to a fresh installed state


In most of the cases, the main purpose of uninstalling Sublime Text 3 is to revert the Sublime Text 3 to its original fresh installed state, So if you mean exactly this you should follow my article and avoid wasting your time in removing unnecessary materials. I also wrote explanation at the end of this article in section (Read More) for uninstalling.

Step 1: Being familiar with data folder / Sublime Text 3 folder

Where is the default location / path of sublime text packages in mac OS, Linux and Windows?

You should be familiar with the path of installed packages in Sublime Text 3.

  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3
  • Linux: ~/.config/sublime-text-3 or $HOME/.config/sublime-text-3
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3

In general, regardless to the operating system you have you can find data folder simply by:

When Sublime Text is open go to:

  1. Preferences → Browse Packages
  2. Then go up two folders and you see Sublime Text 3 folder

On mac OS:

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On Linux:

you have to go to menu Preferences and the first item would be Browse Packages.

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after you click on Browse Packages you will see:

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On OS X, the ~/Library folder is hidden by default. To navigate there, select Go menu in finder and then Go To Folder menu item in Finder, and type in ~/Library.

Or in terminal do this: cd ~/Library


In Windows, cache files are stored in a separate location, %LOCALAPPDATA%\Sublime Text 3, to improve performance with roaming profiles.

Step 2: Reverting to a freshly installed state without uninstallation

This means to get Sublime Text 3 to exactly as it was by default, without uninstalling it completely!

Sublime Text 3 can be reverted to a freshly installed state by removing your data folder which described in Step 1 and you should follow your case depending on your operating system.

To revert to a freshly installed state, you can:

  1. Close / Exit Sublime Text application
  2. Move the data folder (Sublime Text 3 folder) to a backup location or rename the Sublime Text 3 folder to something else
  3. Restart Sublime Text again

When restarted, a fresh data folder (Sublime Text 3 folder) will be created, just as it was the first time you ran Sublime Text. Keep in mind that this will also remove all of your settings and packages. The backup copy of your data folder can be used to retrieve configuration, or custom packages that can not be reinstalled.

Read More:

In fact, by a simple uninstall Sublime Text 3 you can not remove completely Sublime themes, packages and plugins from your system. For an example if you try this

On Linux:

sudo apt-get purge sublime-text-installer

You will see Sublime Text 3 is gone, but when you install it again by

sudo apt-get install sublime-text-installer

You will see the old themes and already installed packages remain as well! Since the above command does not delete the data folder as well!

On mac OS:

Also if you want to remove sublime text from mac OS completely the process is time consuming (link) and besides removing Sublime Text form Applications directory, you have to search the associated items of Sublime Text 3 in some directories like:

  • /Library/Preferences/
  • /Library/Application Support/
  • /Library/Caches/

And delete them to be sure completely remove Sublime Text 3!

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