Setup MailHog with Laravel valet localhost or Laravel Sail

Installing MailHog

Mar 15, 2021
brew install mailhog


Enable the service via running the command below:

brew services start mailhog# also you can stop it whenever you want using:brew services stop mailhog

This tells Homebrew to setup a background service. Then MailHog is always running on your machine. As long as Homebrew is running, you won’t need to manually start anything, .

Now, you can visit MailHog application under the following in a browser:

For localhost you need to set two variable in Laravel .env file.

Attention I:

If you are using Laravel Sail you should set


Otherwise it must be


Attention II:

The SMTP server is running on port 1025, where the HTTP server (which serves MailHog UI) is running on 8025.