Valet This site can’t be reached, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

The process has been signaled with signal “6”.

This issue happened for me for Laravel projects and I could solve it.

First of all do this:

Then do this:

As you see php@7.2, nginx and valet services will be started.

Then check that the issue is resolved or not. If the issue is still there, you should do this:

Go to the project folder


you may see such this error:

The process has been signaled with signal “6”.

It’s not a big issue!

Just do this:

Then again in the project folder do this:

You might see such:

As you see here, dnsmasq, php@7.2 and nginx are restarted.

And everything will be fine!

If you want to do every thing from scratch this link may be useful.

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